Remote Access Solution – Guidance for Users

Questions and answers to provide guidance to users of the Remote Access Solution

Benefits of Remote Access Solution

  • Support for any browser and any device.
  • No second login page – can pass credentials through to applications. 2 factor authentication still exists.
  • An improved user experience.
  • HTML 5 platform – meaning no install needed.
  • Improved performance.

To access the Remote Access Solution

In a browser address bar type

Note: url is only for testing phase


Type Central Hosting Username and Password

Leave Domain as

Press Login

The following screen will appear:


Enter the PVN and Token Number (leaving no space)

Press OK

Available options are shown under All Bookmarks


  • Central Hosting – ActiveX is the best option when using Internet Explorer.
  • Central Hosting – HTML5 is the only option when using other browsers.
    Browsers will only work if they are HTML5 compatible.

To open, in a new tab press Help.

To logout click Logout. It will ask if you are sure, then logs you out.

It is important to logout through the Logout icon rather than clicking the X to close down the screen.

When you have logged out properly the following pop up will appear:


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