Learning Technology Needs Analysis (LTNA)

This online self-assessment tool enables senior leaders to capture everything you need to know about ICT in your school in one place, and determine the areas for improvement.

The OFSTED report 'ICT in Schools 2008-11 identified significant weaknesses in both primary and secondary schools. In secondaries, only one-third of the schools visited were judged good or outstanding. Achievement was inadequate in almost a fifth. In primaries, curriculum planning was often limited and did not take sufficient account of cross-curricular opportunities.

In conjunction with our partners, Cocentra, we are able to offer your school access to their online self-assessment tool which can give you the evidence to judge whether your school should be concerned about any of these ICT issues.

With sections covering Leadership and Management, Teaching and Learning, and Technical issues, the LTNA will provide a RAG report for senior leaders and a RAG score for each question asked; a detailed advisory report so that the ICT lead in school can see the options for action; evidence-capture for schools seeking the ICT Mark and wanting to gather evidence for an assessor; and mapping from the LTNA to the ICT Mark dimensions.

The package includes one year's subscription to the LTNA online tool, plus half a day of in-school consultancy to work with your leadership team or ICT lead.