EastNet for Schools

Internet Connectivity

Why is your school set to get MORE from EastNet?

In June 2018 the OJEU procurement process to replace CPSN was completed.

The new EastNet Framework will deliver…

More bandwidth across schools, using reliable fibre connectivity at no additional cost when compared to the previous contract.

Supported, and with Security, Antivirus an Web Filtering provided by, The ICT Service. MLL Telecom’s investment in the region’s future and continuous improvement will deliver best value, coupled with The ICT Service’s focus on online safety.

EastNet will ensure the enhancement of the learning experience in our schools, now and into the future.

We are delighted to announce that MLL Telecom has been appointed to deliver a new full-fibre network to Cambridgeshire schools and to the wider EastNet partnership of public sector bodies in the region.

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EastNet Costs

Emails have now been sent to all schools regarding the cost of EastNet for the period April 2020 to March 2021. Any questions in relation to invoicing can be sent to sales@eastnet.education

EastNet is replacing CPSN

• Faster Full-Fibre Connectivity

• Future-Proofed Technology

• Fully-Funded until March 2020

Increasing Available Bandwidths

22860 Mb/s

58600 Mb/s


EastNet for Schools

The ICT Service will continue to work on behalf of all the schools to negotiate the best technical solutions and prices for their consolidated requirements.

This takes away from the headache, time and cost for schools having to conduct multiple procurements; and the resource to manage multiple suppliers and contracts themselves.

Full-Fibre Enhanced Connectivity

The network offers full-fibre connectivity. Full-fibre is key to providing schools with high-speed reliable connectivity.

A Managed Service with Fixed Pricing

All services will be included in a standard solution. Schools will not incur additional costs for services such as network security, network monitoring, filtering or antivirus. The managed service has been constructed to fit into the existing funding model.

Security & Web Filtering

As part of the managed service, The ICT Service provides a security and filtering platform. This allows controls to be set to ensure user safety when accessing the Internet and other web-based applications.

Network Monitoring

The managed service also provides a significantly improved network monitoring solution. This means that the network is monitored in real-time, enabling The ICT Service and MLL to pre-emptively identify issues that could potentially impact students’ access to learning.

Real-time Network Performance and Reporting

As part of the managed service, schools will be able to access the SolarWinds network management platform themselves. This will provide real-time visibility of their individual school’s network performance as well as access to many reports to assist with capacity planning.

Helpdesk Support

The ICT Service has a dedicated helpdesk to offer advice, guidance and troubleshooting, in the unlikely event that network issues arise. Being locally based in Cambridgeshire, the helpdesk team members already have long-standing established relationships with schools in the region and are able to assist according to the individual needs and requirements of a school.

MLL also provide a round-the-clock helpdesk service to provide out-of-hours contact for schools, from its secure ITIL NOC based in Marlow, Buckinghamshire.

Six-monthly Innovation Workshops

Schools’ ICT representatives will be invited to attend regular workshops with MLL to discuss new technologies and services that are available and to develop tailored solutions for schools.

An Evolving Service Catalogue

The ICT Service and MLL will develop a service catalogue to enable schools to easily order new complementary services as required. The catalogue will evolve over time to incorporate new offerings as they become available. However, there will always be opportunity to discuss individual school needs and develop bespoke solutions as required.

Be Clear, Contact Us

It is important that you understand what EastNet means for your school. Get in touch with your questions by calling 0300 300 0000 or by email to support@theictservice.org.uk

MLL has over 25 years of experience delivering reliable managed wide area networks to public sector organisations including local government, blue light and third sector bodies.

Providing insight and recommendations to customers to create network designs that can evolve with their changing requirements; and specialising in taking advantage of new technologies, suppliers and market pricing.

For Total Peace of Mind

MLL Telecom are the partner behind the network.  They design, build and manage some of the most complex, mission-critical networks in the UK, converging fixed, mobile and wireless technologies to deliver the high-quality, cost-effective connectivity you can rely on, round the clock.

A partner of choice for the Public Sector, they are proud to be at the forefront of developing the Health & Social Care Network (HSCN) programme for SMEs and to be the first to deliver HSCN-compliant connectivity services.

Agile Approach

As independent integrators, MLL’s network services are fully tailored to customers’ exacting requirements with the flexibility to recommend the best equipment for the job.

They proactively manage every network with an open, consultative approach meaning they can work with you to anticipate challenges, reviewing and refreshing connectivity and services so your network delivers best value throughout the life of the contract.


MLL’s Network Security Experts are on hand to talk through any issue or concerns whether it be policy advice for GDPR or technical controls for a cloud infrastructure.  MLL’s dedicated Network Operation Centre (NOC) provides round the clock security management of your network and their core network can be relied on to provide resilient connectivity for your critical services.

Responsive, Round the Clock

Highly-skilled technical and support teams are accessible round the clock to maintain a secure and continuous service.  At MLL’s ITIL-aligned Network Operations Centre in Marlow, operated 24/7, accredited engineers provide scalable first, second and third line multi-vendor support for rapid issue resolution.

Using a suite of industry leading tools, including SolarWinds,  90% of faults are detected on the network before customers experience issue.  Open and transparent, MLL gives customers access to their IT Service Management (ITSM) and Network Monitoring System (NMS) for complete, real time visibility of their networks.

MLL’s expert Field Engineering team works across the UK maintaining WAN, LAN and application layer technologies including fibre, copper, radio connectivity and other technologies such as firewalls, content filtering, Internet connectivity and voice and data. With direct access to MLL’s solution and network architects, support teams deliver a joined up approach to fault management that keeps downtime to a minimum.

Managing Risk, Reducing Downtime

Above all, by working harder and caring more, MLL gives you the total peace of mind to know your network is always in good hands.

MLL’s accreditations ensure they do the right thing and do it well, giving customers full confidence in their capabilities:

  • Accreditations and licences to operate within specialist markets, including PSN, and certification to ISO standards 9001, 14001, 27001, and to the CAS(T) UK Government standard for assurance and availability of wide area networks.
  • Part of the Public Sector Network Services Framework RM1045, Lot 1 Data Access Services and Lot10 Integrated Communications and the HSCN Dynamic Purchasing System RM3825.