Broadband Solution for Schools: EastNet

EastNet is the Broadband Solution designed for schools

Offering the fast, reliable, full-fibre speeds you would expect plus additional Web-Filtering, Anti-Virus and Safeguarding services.

Our ultra-reliable and safe solution enables schools to make excellent use of cloud technologies and ensures the enhancement of the learning experience in our schools, now and into the future.

Read the EastNet – Schools Internet Guide

Full-Fibre Connectivity

Our standard service offers schools a 100Mbit/s connection (for Primary) and a 1000Mbit/s connection (for Secondary).

This gives you a faster, more reliable connection and is provided on a dedicated fibreoptic leased line from your school to the nearest suitable exchange. It provides bandwidth of either 100 or 1000Mbit/s for both uploading and downloading content.

We are also able to provide a range of other speeds.  Please contact us to discuss your needs.

A Managed Service with Fixed Pricing

You can rest assured the price for your connection will not increase over the life of your contract.

The managed service includes a full service catalogue, allowing straightforward ordering of new services.

Security & Web Filtering

Enterprise level security and web filtering solutions are included, removing any requirement for schools to procure their own solutions.

Management of the web filtering platform can be tiered to allow local management where schools have the expertise and resource to do so.

The solution has been implemented to align with the latest guidance and along the principles of Keeping Children Safe in Education. The network also brings with it a full antivirus solution, removing further cost from individual schools. Onward connection onto the public Internet is via the Joint Academic Network (Janet); itself bringing further safeguarding resource to the solution.

Real-time Network Performance Monitoring and Reporting

EastNet is monitored 24/7, with performance analysis available to schools or your support provider upon request, at no further cost.

Monitoring allows us to respond swiftly to incidents and problems, ensuring the continued reliability of your connection.  

Helpdesk Support

We operate a dedicated helpdesk and ensure incidents and problems are resolved as quickly as possible.