SIMS Reporting for Beginners

Dates, times and venues...


New and existing staff with responsibility for the management of core student data who need to produce lists.


Some knowledge and experience of using SIMS would be preferable.



We are aware that a number of schools may only be using half of the funtionality of SIMS available to them, therefore missing out on benefits of using the full system being paid for.

It is likely that you will already be proficient in entering data into your school database, but what happens when you need to extract this data into a quick report? You may be asked to produce a birthday list, or a list of names and contact numbers for a school trip, or Ofsted may want a report on your overall pupil attendance.

By attending this course, you will begin to investigate the powerful reporting suite that SIMS provides – you can run the existing pre-defined reports and start to develop your own. The course will show you how to select your data fields, filter and sort, and export the results in a variety of output choices (Word, Excel etc.)

On completion of the course, you will be able to generate your own SIMS reports and make the best use of your schools data, which will greatly streamline your work and provide valuable analysis data for your senior management team.


After the workshop you will be able to:

  • Import, run, edit and preview existing reports
  • Create your own basic reports
  • Use sort and filter to extract the right data
  • Export your reports into Word, Excel, Rich Text Format etc
  • Save reports as favourites and run housekeeping on old unused reports
  • Review all the new analysis options
  • Run pre-defined attendance reports to prepare for Ofsted visits

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