SIMS for New Users

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Administrative personnel who are either completely new to the school office environment or those who have been in post a while and would like to improve on their skills.


All attendees should have basic Microsoft Office skills, as this is a workshop based course.  It is essential for attendees to have a log in for SIMS .net and Central Hosting (if applicable), with basic appropriate SIMS permissions assigned.   If you are not sure of the setup required please contact the ICT Service Helpline on 0300 300 0000.  This workshop can be offered for both Centrally Hosted schools and those running SIMS .net in school (locally hosted). However the setup for locally hosted schools must be organised in advance. Please contact the The ICT Service Helpline 2 – 3 days in advance of the session to get this set up.


This course runs over two half days.  As there is a lot to cover a prompt start will be essential.

Session one:

This will be Trainer lead with delegate participation in the form of Q&A as this session will be delivered remotely.

Items to be covered:

  • Overview of SIMS .net.
  • Overview of all links and hyperlinks.
  • Overview of the SIMS Homepage – how to make it more effective
  • Overview of School communication.
  • Overview of School diary, introduction and set up (good practice).
  • Overview of Setting alerts and sending messages.
  • Overview of the Common Transfer File (CTF) processes.
  • Overview of links to other areas of SIMS .net.
  • What do delegates need to consider in readiness for Session Two.

Session two:

Delegates will have the opportunity to share skills obtained from session one.

Items to be covered:

  • Resolution of any issues SIMS .net related encountered over the previous week.
  • Review SIMS Permissions (why is this important)
  • Review delegates working practices, providing opportunity to maximise output.
  • Hands on Q & A session where delegates will be invited to share their screens with other attendees.
  • Opportunity to review what has worked well and what has not.
  • Look at further opportunities for personalising delegates SIMS experience.
  • What workshops to consider next.


  • Networking opportunity to meet with like-minded personnel and make links with schools of the same size, or locally.
  • To learn basics of SIMS .net ‘best practice’.
  • To understand the potential of SIMS .net for comprehensive record-keeping and reporting.
  • Ensure you know who to contact as appropriate and when.
  • Where and how to locate most up-to-date information.

Upon successful completion of this course all attendees will:

  • have acquired the skills fundamental to use their Schools SIMS .net system correctly, efficiently and appropriately
  • be confident with manipulating their SIMS .net data to meet the requirements of their own and other school personnel
  • know how to locate support and what they need to do to ensure that their skills are developed to their full potential.

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