Central Hosting FAQs

Please review the topics below to see if the information can help you solve common problems.  If you cannot find the answer you are looking for then please contact The ICT Service Helpline by logging a ticket at the Online Helpdesk, or call 0300 300 0000 or you can email support@theictservice.org.uk

Central Hosting V3:

Download the Getting Started Guide


Internet Explorer crashes when trying to connect to Central Hosting

If Internet Explorer crashes when connecting to Central Hosting you may receive this message when logging into Central Hosting:  “Microsoft Internet Explorer has encountered a problem and needs to close.”

Internet Explorer 7 or above will sometimes experience crashing when trying to connect to Central Hosting. This is due to changes in Internet Explorer security made by some Microsoft Updates.

Once these updates are applied Internet Explorer does not recognise it as being “trusted”. This causes internet explorer to hang and eventually crash when trying to connect to Central Hosting.

There is a work around for this which is to set the cambsed webpage to be a “trusted” site.

  1. In Internet Explorer, click on Tools and then Internet Options.
  2. When the new panel opens, click on the Security Tab.
  3. Click on the Trusted Sites icon (the green tick)
  4. Click on the Sites button.
  5. Take the tick out of the “Require Server Verification” button.
  6. Click the Add button to add *.cambsed.net as a trusted site.
  7. Click the Close button.
  8. Back on the Internet Options screen, click on the Custom Level button.
  9. Scroll down until you see “Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe for scripting”.
  10. Click on Enable and then click OK.
  11. Click Yes to confirm the change, and click OK to close the box.
  12. You should now be able to log into Central Hosting.

Remote Access – Login from home

Benefits of the Remote Access solution:

  • Support for many devices including mobile Apple and Android tablets and phones.
  • No secondary login page – can automatically pass credentials through to applications.
  • A modern and easy to use interface.
  • “HTML 5” compatible – meaning no need to install any additional software / plugins.
  • Additional secure two factor authentication options.
  • High performance.

How to access the Remote Access solution:

Central Hosting users will be automatically redirected to the remote access service after pressing on the ‘Connect’ button, otherwise it can be accessed directly in a web browser by connecting to the following URL address: https://ras2fa.cambsed.net

Type your normal Central Hosting Username and Password

Leave Domain as Cambsed.net

Press Login

Next the following screen will appear requesting details from your secure remote access Fob / token:

Enter your PVN (aka PIN) and Number displayed on the Entrust token screen (leaving no spaces).
Press OK

After successfully authenticating you will be presented with the Bookmarks available to you:

You may have additional bookmarks (depending on your schools requirements) but Central Hosting users will receive:

  • Central Hosting – ActiveX – This is the best option when using Microsoft Internet Explorer.
  • Central Hosting – HTML5 – This is the better choice when using other non Microsoft Internet browsers and tablet devices.

Finally always remember when finished it is important to logout through the Start / Logout icon rather than clicking the X to close down the screen.

Questions and Answers:

Question: Which browser gives me the best overall experience?
Answer: The remote access solution supports most modern browsers

Question: I have logged into https://ras2fa.cambsed.net, when I try to connect to Central Hosting the following appears, and it goes no further:

Answer: You have chosen the bookmark not compatible with your device – example: Central Hosting – for Internet Explorer on a mobile device. Please choose the other bookmark.

Question: Can I make the screen larger using the “Any Browser” bookmark?
Answer: Yes, click on this icon    at the top right corner of your screen and either of the following popup(s) will appear:


Click Full Screen to view the session in a full screen. Not all browsers / devices support full screen mode so you may click Fit to View which will try best fit but grey bars may appear at the sides.

You may also be presented with full screen confirmation.

Click Allow to continue.

Question: I have found the ability to use alternative browsers and devices very valuable although some applications within Central Hosted are not designed for touch, is there a way around this?
Answer: You may wish to try a stylus for more precision if supported by your device. Otherwise unfortunately not as this is a limitation of some devices and not on the new remote access solution.

Question: When using the “Central Hosting – for Internet Explorer” bookmark I receive an error message “Invalid connection file (C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\local\Temp\Central Hosting – for internet explorer.rdp) specified.”
Answer: In Internet Explorer, click Tools, click Internet Options, and then click the Security tab. Select the Trusted sites option and press the sites button. Add “*.cambsed.net” (without quotes) to your trusted sites. Click OK two times to accept the changes and return to Internet Explorer.

Question: When using Internet Explorer you can login, but when clicking “Central Hosting – for Internet Explorer” the add-ons will not run.
Answer: Ensure “*.cambed.net” is added to the trusted sites (see previous answer), but also ensure “Enabled Protected Mode” unticked.

Should you experience any further difficulties logging on from home, then please call The ICT Service Helpline on 0300 300 0000


Supported Software on Central Hosting

Supported Software within the CH environment:

SIMS .net – www.capita-sims.co.uk
FMS – www.capita-sims.co.uk
Dinner Money – www.capita-sims.co.uk
Microsoft Office 2013 Standard/Pro – www.microsoft.com
Outlook-based email – www.microsoft.com
WebXchange – www.webxchange.co.uk
Truancy Call – www.the-contactgroup.com
Call Parents – www.the-contactgroup.com
SchoolComms – schoolcomms.com
School Cash office (Exculdes Internet Banking Module) – www.tucasi.com
IEPv3 – www.capita-sims.co.uk
PMWUpload (Bluehills) – www.bluehills.co.uk
Foundation Stage Profile
CASPA – www.caspaonline.co.uk
GroupCall Messenger – www.groupcall.com
Teacher2Parents – ​www.teachers2parents.co.uk
IBehave – www.improvebehaviour.co.uk
Emerge – www.groupcall.com
Discover – www.capita-sims.co.uk
Intouch – www.capita-sims.co.uk
Parent Pay – www.parentpay.com
Sage 50 Accounts – ​www.sage.co.uk
Parents Evening System (School Cloud Systems) – ​www.parentseveningsystem.co.uk
Teacher App – www.capita-sims.co.uk
HCSS Financial Reporting Suite (FRS) – www.hcsseducation.co.uk
HCSS FPS Web – www.hcsseducation.co.uk
HCSS FMS MultiView – www.hcsseducation.co.uk
Office 365 – www.office.com


Supported software from a schools local server communicating with CH:

Vericool – www.vericool.co.uk
Keep Kids Safe – www.keepkidssafe.co.uk
CHQ for Schools – www.chqgroup.co.uk
STARS 4 Schools
GroupCall – www.groupcall.com
MLS – Micro Librarian Systems – www.microlib.co.uk
Other Capita approved partners that make use of the Command Reporter API
Classroom Monitor – ​www.classroommonitor.co.uk
ParentMail – www.parentmail.co.uk
Inventry – Uses black box installed in School – inventry.co.uk
Learning Possibilities LP+ Connect Tool – www.lpplus.com
Medical Tracker – www.medicaltracker.co.uk
Parents Evening Booking System (​Netmedia Ltd) – parents-booking.com
SalamanderSoft – www.salamandersoft.co.uk
Go4Schools – www.go4schools.com
Edu cater – www.educater.co.uk

Software tested but not compatible with CH:

Essex Target Tracker
B Squared
Arbor Education – www.arbor-education.com

This list is growing all the time and will be updated as new software is tested.

Restoring deleted files in Central Hosting

Using the Previous Versions feature of Windows, it is possible for Central Hosting users to recover files that have been deleted (accidentally or otherwise) from Central Hosting.

A snapshot of every folder/file is taken three times a day (at around 7.00am, 12:00pm and 7.00pm); it is possible to restore files back to their state at these times.

Please note, that if a file is created after the most recent snapshot, and subsequently deleted or not saved before the next snapshot, it is not recoverable, for example, file1.doc is created at 10.00am and then deleted at 11.00am; as the file did not exist at the time of the 7.00am snapshot, it cannot be recovered.

To restore a file from Previous Versions:

  • Navigate to the folder where the file is/was.
  • Right-click in the blank space and select Properties.
  • Select the Previous Versions tab.
  • Select the appropriate snapshot and click Open.
  • A new window will open showing the files/folders in that snapshot; if necessary, open the relevant file to confirm that it is the correct version.
  • Copy and paste the file, or open it and use Save As, to restore the file to its original location.

If a file has been deleted prior to the oldest available snapshot, it will be necessary​ to restore the file from the central backups – please contact The ICT Service Helpline on 0300 300 0000 to arrange this.

Terms and conditions


The ICT Service provides hosted SIMS, FMS, file storage and email service based on Remote Desktop services. All data is stored and maintained by The ICT Service. Access is provided from a CPSN (Cambridgeshire Public Services Network) location via single factor authentication through a Remote Desktop services shortcut. Off CPSN connectivity is provided from any internet enabled location via two factor authentication at an additional cost.

The Services

The ICT Service Central Hosting Service provides the following:

  • hosting of your current SIMS and FMS and other related applications (See Supported Software List in FAQ above)
  • upgrades to SIMS, FMS, and those applications that the Customer requires as a maintained school or has bought into as an Academy e.g. Dinner Money, In Touch, Schoolcomms, ParentPay.
  • information about scheduled maintenance will be provided on our website and will include information about upgrades to SIMS and FMS.
  • backup of all data hosted by the service, which is taken overnight every day, in an encrypted format and stored on site and securely off site.
  • priority is given to problems preventing a whole school or a number of schools from accessing the service; and
  • basic maintenance of links between Customer or external servers to allow for communication between SIMS and services such Vericool, VLE’s and other third party applications (please see Supported Software).

In addition to the Customer Responsibilities, Customers using the Central Hosting Service will need to do the following:

  • inform The ICT Service in a timely manner if your school no longer requires access to Central Hosting.  In this case your schools’ instance will be fully decommissioned and the data provided back to you.  There will be an additional charge for this that will be agreed based on the requirements of where the data needs to be placed.
  • ensure that users log off correctly before the end of each day and before any scheduled maintenance; and
  • ensure that any user accessing the Central Hosting Service is licensed to use Microsoft Office 2010. If the Customer uses Microsoft Office 2007 or an earlier version of Microsoft Office, the Customer will need to purchase Microsoft Office 2010 licences (or newer).

This Cambridgeshire Central Hosting Service excludes anything not expressly stated as in scope and does not include:

  • support and management of SIMS data or FMS other than upgrades and backups stated above.
  • addition of users within SIMS Personnel or System Manager.
  • the installation of the browser plugins or other software required for access.
  • management of third party applications or services such as Vericool, VLE’s and other third party applications (please see Supported Software). other than to establish that a connection can be made to SIMS from the application or service
  • changes in licences to third party applications as a result of associated applications being migrated to a hosted networked environment. Please consult any third party suppliers before considering this service.

You acknowledge and agree that while The ICT Service will endeavour to get printers to work with The ICT Service Hosted Applications (including SIMS), due to compatibility issues, The ICT Service cannot guarantee that all models will work.

Availability of the Service

The ICT Service will use best endeavours to make the Central Hosting Service is available:

  • every day (other than scheduled maintenance breaks and unless there are unplanned outages) from 00:00 to 23:59, during term time, school holidays, public holidays and weekends.

But you, the Customer, acknowledge and agree that:

  • scheduled Saturday service breaks may overrun due to unforeseen issues.
  • The ICT Service maintains the right to perform maintenance tasks or to upgrade data. Where possible this information will be published in advance and would normally be carried out on a Saturday.
  • inevitably there will be times where hardware or software fails and if this occurs there may be some downtime to some or all users.
  • the Central Hosting Service requires a reliable broadband network connection and any issues along the path between the customer device and the Hosted Service may prevent access to or affect the quality of the service. This includes, but is in no way limited to: the Customer’s internal network, including network switches and the network cabling infrastructure, and Internet connection being fully operational


  • Support is available from The ICT Service from 8.00am to 5.00pm Monday to Thursday and 8.00am to 4.30pm on Friday throughout the year. Call 0300 300 0000 or email support@theictservice.org.uk.
  • You can also log a ticket on the Online Helpdesk.
  • For installation and subscription charges please contact The ICT Service.


Oki and HP Fix

Central Hosting users may find that their OKI and HP printers print text too close together or even overlapping. This is due to a driver issue which only manifests itself when being used on Central Hosting.

The ICT Service has contacted OKI about this as have several other companies who use the same printing software throughout Europe. OKI have pledged to look into this however in the short term we have produced a fix for this issue.

For Windows

  1. Log out of Central Hosting (Managed ICT Service)
  2. Download the OKI Fix to your LOCAL hard drive NOT on to Central Hosting by clicking here
  3. Run the exe file
  4. Select the printer you are having an issue with from the list
  5. Click Configure
  6. Close the OKI Fix program
  7. You can now either restart your machine or follow the instructions from step 8
  8. Click “Start” – “Control Panel” – “Screwdrivers Client V4”
  9. Select the “Printers” tab at the top of the window
  10. Select “Query Printers” and wait for it to query all of the printers on your machine
  11. Close the Screwdrivers Client V4 window
  12. Log onto Central Hosting (Managed ICT Service) and your printer should now be working.

Upgrading Screwdrivers from V4 to V6 or reinstalling V6 for Printers

There is a new version of Screwdrivers which is self-updating. All workstations should be updated to Screwdrivers V6 as it enables the printing of pdf and large documents without freezing.There are 3 steps to updating your version of Screwdrivers.  A similar process should be followed if you need to reinstall V6.

Step One – Uninstall V4 or V6

  • Outside of Central Hosting go to Start and Control panel
  • Change ‘View by’ to small icons

  • Check you have Screwdrivers Client v4
  • Open Programs and Features
  • Select ScrewDrivers Client v4 or V6and click on Uninstall

Step Two – Check for 32 or 64 bit operating system

  • Left click start button
  • Right click on Computer and select Properties, under System Type make a note of whether 32 or 64 bit operating system

Step Three – Install Screwdrivers V6

For 64 bit machines select x64 version click here
For 32 bit machines select x86 version click here

  • Click Run and install (this can take some to install)
  • Log back into Central Hosting and after 2 – 3 minutes your printers will appear.

Configuring Screwdrivers:

  1. Log out of Central Hosting*. Go to START > Control Panel
  2. Open “Screwdrivers Client V4”.
  3. Select the “Printers” tab at the top of the window.
  4. Move any unwanted printers into Denied Printers, such as “Microsoft XPS Document Writer”, “Microsoft Office Document Image Writer”, The SMARTboard printer, any PDF printers (this feature is already built into CH so not needed) and any other printers that the user will never use in CH.
  5. Move up to 5 printer into Preferred Printers and sort them by order of preference (the ones used the most at the top).
  6. Click Apply.
  7. Select “Query Printers” and wait for it to query all of the printers on your machine.

Note: Only the first 5 printers will show in CH.

* Please ensure that you logout with Start > Log Off and not by clicking on the `X` on the blue bar at the top of the screen.


Latest local SIMS client download

If you still maintain a local SIMS client to enable systems such as vericool to run within the school whilst Centrally Hosted you will need to download the latest SIMS client and update any local machines which depend on this. You can download this software by clicking here.

Dinner Money – Exporting Catering Returns

When exporting Dinner Money Catering Returns XML inside SIMs you may receive an ERROR. If you expand the details you see a fault in MSOXEV.DLL

We are aware of the issue, but are unable to replicate the problem on our test environment to escalate to Capita Support.The work around:

  • These Reports are usually saved into Central Share\SIMS Share\Dinner Money Reports
  • Create a new folder inside the “Dinner Money Reports” i.e. History
  • Move all documents inside “Dinner Money Reports” into the History Folder.
  • Please report this issue to Helpdesk, as we would like to get support from Capita.


How to change the transfer folder location

You may be required to change the location of the transfer folder in FMS. This is due to a change in the FMS folder stucture. Please follow these steps to modify your Transfer folder path in FMS.

Please note: This only needs to be carried out by the first user into FMS and only needs to be done once.

Step 1 – Open FMS and select Tools > Establishment Details

Step 2 – Select the magnifying glass icon next to the Transfer Folder field.

Step 3 –  Select Computer > Central Share > SIMS Share > _Finance Reports and click OK

Step 4 – Click on the Save button highlighted in the picture above.


Change the default font in Office 2013

  • On the “Home” ribbon bar right click the Normal Style and select Modify.

  • Select your preferred default font.

  • Ensure “New documents based on this template” is selected and press the OK button.

This should now save the default template for new documents.

Setting up a Microsoft Outlook 2013 profile for Microsoft Office 365

This is a guide is for manually configuring the Microsoft Outlook 2013 client with a mail profile for Microsoft Office 365.

Please note: It makes the assumption the user was previously configured with Cambridgeshire hosted email and needs to change to Microsoft Office 365.

Outlook 2013 is currently the only mail client that is available inside Central Hosting.

  • Log into Central Hosting and load up the Control Panel
  • Click on the Mail icon
  • Click the Show Profiles (button in the dialogue box)
  • Click the Add button, type in a profile name i.e. Office365 and press OK
  • Select Enter your details and press Next

Email address suffix example [AUser]@[school].cambs.sch.uk
Password – from your school account (not Central Hosting)

  • You will receive a security prompt for credentials.

Note: Please use your school Username (example @[school].education)

  • You should receive a “Congratulations” messages, press Finish
  • Finally you need to change to the new profile when Outlook starts. From the “Always use this profile” dropdown select Office365 (or profile name you enetered into step4) and press Apply

You should now be able to open Outlook and successfully connect to Microsoft Office 365 email

If you have any problems with the above instructions, please contact The ICT Service Helpline on 0300 300 0000 or by email to support@theictservice.org.uk.  You could also log a ticket on the Online Helpdesk.

Email Bounce Back (IMCEAEX)

If you attempt to send a new email, reply to an old email or someone emails you after your email has been moved to a new system such as Office 365 or GSuite; a bounce back message, that looks similar to the following, may be received. Note the mailto:IMCEAEX

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:

The email address that you entered couldn’t be found. Check the address and try resending the message. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

This is caused by the way Microsoft Outlook cached the original Exchange address (not to be confused with SMTP Email address).

There is a simple fix, so please pass on this information to the sender:

When they start typing your name into there outlook client it attempts to autocomplete your email address.

They need to press the “X” at the end of your name to delete the cached details:

The re-type your email address again in full i.e. info@theictservice.org.uk

Note: If users are also replying to an old message, then the “IMCEAEX” address can also be held in the message. So the fix in this case would be again to delete the “To…” address and either re-type it in full.

What people say about us

Emailed the request across, matter was dealt with quickly, kept in the loop all the way through. Thank you.

Mrs Pearce, Bottisham Primary School - 19 January 2021 about Technical Support

We are very fortunate to have Donna as DPO. She always responds quickly, gives sensible advice and will follow up in writing for reference.

Ilona Wrigley, Oakdale Primary School - 30 November 2020 about GDPR DPO Service

Great response. Put me back on track for the first day of term. Thank you!

Chris Ashley, Ely St John's Primary - 7 June 2021 about Helpline

Thanks, David and Adam, they were very helpful.

Daniel Chung, St Bede's School - 26 January 2022 about Technical Support

As always ICT service had the answer - very quickly and very clear - thank you

Annie Urquhart, Icknield Primary School - 18 December 2020 about Helpline

Always polite, friendly and helpful

Katie Dixon, Ridgefield Primary School - 26 January 2022 about Helpline

Vanessa was very helpful - didn't make me feel silly!

Hannah Burnham, Newton Primary School - 16 October 2020 about Helpline

Excellent service and very quick from when I had logged my issue to it being resolved. Instructions were simple to follow and worked straightaway. Thank you very much for such an efficient service and also thank you for thinking of making certain processes simpler for the users.

Sonia Singh, Guilden Morden Primary School - 25 January 2021 about Technical Support

Always have great confidence that The ICT Helpline will help you to solve your problem, fab service as always.

Esther Hay, Spring Common Special School - 6 November 2020 about Helpline

Happy with the support we have received and the discussions following any questions we have. GDPR is always a challenge but the support enables us to feel confident with what we are doing and what we need to do next.

Lee Frost, Great Paxton Primary - 14 June 2021 about DPO Service

A complex issue was promptly solved after thorough investigation through remote control of my laptop.

Stuart Wilkinson, Westfield Junior - 7 June 2021 about Technical Support

Excellent service. Problem resolved efficiently. Information shared in a friendly manner.

Sam Brown, Sutton Primary School - 2 November 2020 about Technician Support

Very happy that this job was turned around so quickly and efficiently. I really appreciate as this will help the school a lot in organising events for those children in school and those children home learning to ensure everyone is involved.

Rochelle Butcher, Hemingford Grey Primary School - 29 January 2021 about Technical Support

Prompt, helpful and pro-active support - thank you.

Luke Rolls, University of Cambridge Primary School - 17 December 2021 about Helpline

Daniel was excellent with the roll out and assisted with a few glitches with the licensing as well.

Sarah Keeble, Bramford Primary School - 15 December 2020 about Technical Support

Excellent service.

Jeanette Speed, Over Primary - 30 June 2021 about Helpline

Helpful and clear in explaining and solving the problem.

Stuart Wilkinson, Westfield Junior School - 24 January 2022 about Helpline

Great service. Thank you for bearing with me, Karen, on a very difficult day.

Chris Ashley, Ely St John's Primary - 23 June 2021 about Helpline

ALWAYS a speedy response with no problems. I'm notified as soon as the problem/request is resolved. Excellent service. Thank you.

Sam Pilkington, Spinning Infants - 28 June 2021 about Helpline

I think the service has been excellent. I was a bit wary at first - I was unsure how long it would take you to respond, or if you would even respond at all - but the speed and efficiency with which you have dealt with every concern or question I have had, has been amazing. Thoroughly recommend.

Cath Causer, Manea Primary School - 27 October 2020 about Technical Support

Very happy with the service and the speed at which my request was actioned.

Lizzy Bennett, St Laurence Primary - 22 June 2021 about Helpline

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Sarah Bowie, Linton Heights Junior School - 1 February 2021 about Technical Support

Totally happy with the quality and speed of the response which will help us move forward with our remote learning. Thank you Vanessa!

Chris Ashley, Ely St John's Primary - 5 October 2020 about Helpline

Always so helpful and informative.

Sarah Coulson, Colville Primary School - 6 January 2021 about Technical Support

Subject Access Requests are very complex and challenging, having Donna as our DPO not only gave us the confidence that we were approaching this in the right way but that we would be gently and carefully guided through the necessary steps. We cannot thank her enough!

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Julie Warman, Littleport Primary School - 16 March 2021 about Helpline

Daniel could not have been more patient in determining the issue and resolving it. I am so happy with the service and support that is always given from the ICT service. Thank you

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Spot on service as always

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Julie Warman, Littleport Primary School - 6 November 2020 about Helpline

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SIMS issue resolved quickly - Thank you Sharon!

Office Staff, Spaldwick Primary School - 6 October 2020 about Helpline

Excellent response to my email query. Sorted as quickly as humanly possible in the current situation. Thank you!

Chris Ashley, Ely St John's Primary - 30 November 2020 about Helpline

Communication was fantastic.

Jem Finch, Cromwell Community College - 6 December 2021 about Helpline

Excellent response time and quality of response. Donna always has time to discuss issues, advise on how to address our concerns and put our minds at rest, if appropriate. Thank you Donna.

Chris Ashley, Ely St John's Primary - 9 November 2020 about Consultancy Services

Just wanted to drop a quick note to thank you for the ICT assessment this morning. It was a such a valuable process for us. I really feel that your knowledge and expertise will ensure that our student's learning can move forward using technology. We are excited about the opportunities we will now be able to offer her.

It was useful for myself as a SENCO too. I can see more clearly how I could use technology better to benefit all our children with additional needs.

Sam Wallace, Sutton CE (VC) Primary School - 7 December 2021 about SEND ICT Assessments

Great service, issued resolved within minutes.

Esther Hay, Spring Common Special School - 6 November 2020 about Helpline

Daniel went the extra mile and helped me solve the problem. With his persistence and determination, he saved us from being charged unnecessarily by contractors.

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Karen was very quick to respond to my query, which had been sent to her via bank account team, so I was not expecting such a quick response. Thank you

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Diane Baslington, The Bellbird Primary School - 2 March 2021 about Technical Support

Excellent response. Jane sorted me out within minutes, as usual. Thank you!

Chris Ashley, Ely St John's Primary - 2 March 2021 about Helpline

Claire was fab as always! Thank you!

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Karen is always really helpful, thank you!

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Would give 11 [out of 10] if I could. Thank you for all of your help.

Sue Scott, Alderman Payne Primary School - 10 January 2022 about Helpline

Jane has been very patient and sorted out my issues. She gives you the confidence to know that the problem will be resolved in a timely manner.

Diane Baslington, Bellbird Primary -18 June 2021 about Helpline

Jo Puckering is superb!

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As always; prompt, pleasant and helpful.

Lillian Guyler, Fields Children's Centre - 24 June 2021 about Helpline

Impressive resolution to my issue, thanks!

Sally Merson, Wheatfields Primary School - 28 January 2021 about Technical Support Team

We are very grateful for the help, attention and advice given by our ICT technician on these visits.

Diane Baslington, The Bellbird Primary School - 30 September 2020 about Technician Support

Rob was super-efficient and helpful, as always! Thank you!

Kate Barnes, Spring Meadow Infants - 27 November 2020 about Helpline

Thank you Clare for resolving remote access fob issues promptly and efficiently

Sharon Vince, Queen Emma Primary School - 3 August 2021 about Helpline

Great service as always!

Matt Casey, Morley Memorial Primary School - 7 December 2021 about Helpline

Jane was a knowledgeable as ever.

Beverley Clowes, Bottisham Primary School - 19 October 2020 about Helpline

Very efficient service

Emma Hicks, Linton Infant School - 12 January 2022 about Helpline

Prompt and courteous service. Comprehensive and informative response.

Fiona Hyndman, DFE Device Project - 2 June 2021 about Business Support

Excellent service as always. Thank you Vannessa.

Lynnda Osborne, Girton Glebe Primary - 30 June 2021 about Helpline

Jane has the expertise to sort any SIMS problem. A real asset.

Beverley Clowes, Bottisham Primary School - 14 January 2021 about Helpline

Brilliant service and very quick response, especially in these really difficult times. The report was exactly what I requested.

Nadine Purcell, Stukely Meadows Primary School - 26 January 2021 about Helpline

Knowledgeable and keen to get issues resolved.

Caroline Barker, Great Abington Primary - 22 June 2021 about Helpline

I was very pleased with the way The ICT service were able to help tp diagnose the issues remotely and get support from an engineer within a reasonable time frame despite some hiccups along the way. efficient, helpful and friendly service as always. Thank you!!

Emma Little, Linton Infant School - 23 February 2021 about Technical Support

Couldn't have been friendlier or more helpful. Thank you :)

Amanda Ward, Rackham Primary School - 4 August 2021 about Helpline

The issue I had was resolved very quickly and easily and in a professional and friendly manner. I really appreciate having had my problem sorted so speedily! Thank you.

Amanda Hill, Ermine Street Church Academy - 5 January 2021 about Helpline

Jane was wonderful very helpful she sorted out the problem quickly.

Dianne O'Bryan, Great & Little Shelford Primary - 29 June 2021 about Helpline

Great, friendly service. Thank you!

Chris Ashley, Ely St John's Primary School - 3 August 2021 about Technical Services

Jane is always quick to respond and clear in explanation.

Carol Leach, Ken Stimpson School - 18 January 2022 about Helpline

Very helpful and efficient

Jacqui Nash, Brampton Village Primary - 20 January 2022 about Helpline

Once we were able to set up the remote session, it was efficient and Michelle resolved both my issues. I was kept informed along the way as to what she was doing. Great service. Thank you.

Sonia Singh, Guilden Morden Primary School - 17 November 2020 about Technical Support

Fast and efficient service as always from Vanessa at The ICT Service :-)

Godmanchester Bridge Academy - 14 June 2021 about Helpline

Donna kept communicating with me throughout my technical & communication difficulties which I am extremely grateful for! Thank you very much Donna :)

Yvonne Jenner, Ashbeach Primary School - 21 January 2021 about GDPR DPO Service

Bespoke training according to our organisation's needs and all questions answered. Also follow up support and guidance was invaluable.

Iman Ibn Tahaikt, Abu Bakr Islamic School - 4 December 2020 about GDPR DPO Service

Very supportive as always! Your expert knowledge is needed and welcomed....Thank you.

Julia Lindley, Barrington Primary - 24 June 2021 about Helpline

Had a problem with the Entrust fob, emailed and within a very short time, all sorted. Thank you!

Julie Warman, Littleport Primary School - 29 January 2021 about Technical Support

Really helpful and quick service, explained what he was doing and outcome.

Rebecca Pentney, The Bellbird Primary - 14 January 2022 about Helpline

As usual, my query was dealt with extremely quickly and efficiently by Karen at the ICT service. Would highly recommend their services.

Nadine Purcell, Stukeley Meadows Primary - 17 June 2021 about Helpline

Karen is so helpful; I wouldn't be able to do my job if it wasn't for her. Thank you Karen

Angela Spaxman, Park Street Primary School - 25 January 2022 about Helpline

First class service as usual.

Ray Lockett, Melbourn Village College - 18 February 2022 about Helpline

Clear and thorough response with all information clearly shared so we understood the information shared and the action we needed to take in what was a more unusual request for help.

Rebecca Pentney, The Bellbird Primary - 24 February 2022 about Consultancy Services

Jane's help was amazing. I would not have been able to complete the task without her help. Thank you.

Tracy Brown, Melbourn Village College - 6 December 2021 about Helpline

I appreciate how expeditiously the issue was resolved and communicated back to me.

David Walker, Downham Market Academy - 28 January 2021 about Technical Support

I am very grateful that my OneDrive issue has been solved. It may seem like a small thing but it makes life so much easier. THANK YOU!!

Amanda Burniston, Hilgay Riverside Academy - 1 December 2020 about Technical Support

I like the option to email queries/questions that I do not need an immediate response to - always answered in a helpful and timely manner.

Sharon Murray, Cherry Hinton Primary School - 8 December 2020 about Helpline

It's time saving to have someone help with something that would have taken a long time to sort.

Fay Staple, Little Paxton Primary School - 6 January 2022 about Helpline

Problem discussed in detail and response received by email in minutes. Thank you Karen!

Chris Ashely, Ely St John's Primary School - 17 January 2022 about Helpline

A very quick resolution and very clearly explained. Thanks.

Sally Merson, Wheatfields Primary School - 26 January 2021 about Technical Support

Prompt service even in the holidays - thank you

Sandra Adderley, Barton Primary - 5 August 2021 about Helpline

We couldn't manage without Lee's expertise, thank you so much for your patience.

Clare Kirk, St Bede's School - 15 June 2021 about Technical Support

Clare was extremely helpful as are all the team.

Katie Dixon, Ridgefield Primary School - 19 November 2020 about Helpline

It is always good to have the support of our ICT Service GDPR DPO officer. Thank you Vanessa.

Sandra Adderley, Barton Primary - 14 February 2022 about GDPR Support

All good thank you.

Carol Houghton, Brampton Village College - 23 February 2022 about Helpline

Claire and Jane patiently dealt with this complex problem and resolved it for us in the end. Thank you very much to both of them!

Anne Maskell, St Matthew's Primary School - 30 September 2020 about Helpline

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