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Our support packages give a clear picture of annual support and service options provided by The ICT
We are here to help you ascertain the level of support and the right package to suit your school’s
All schools are required to take up a minimum of the Core support package. You can then make an informed choice about adding significant value to your annual subscription by taking either the Enhanced or the EnhancedPlus package options.
We have described exactly what each support package consists of in the following pages, together with the associated costs which can be found in the separate Price List document.
Please email if you require a copy for your school.
Choose your Annual Support Package from the options below:

Core Support

Enhanced Support

EnhancedPlus Support

Maintained Schools:
A Base Price, plus Price per pupil x FT, October Census
Maintained Schools:
A Base Price, plus Price per pupil x FT, October Census
Maintained Schools:
A Base Price, plus Price per pupil x FT, October Census
For Academies:
A Base Price (with FMS Support) or a Base Price (without FMS Support) plus Price per pupil x PT, January Census
For Academies:
A Base Price (with FMS Support) or a Base Price (without FMS Support) plus Price per pupil x PT, January Census
For Academies:
A Base Price (with FMS Support) or a Base Price (without FMS Support) plus Price per pupil x PT, January Census
Core is our base package which incorporates Entitlement and Essential Support, including access to the ICT Helpline but with limited technical support. Enhanced is a combination
of Core with additional Technical support for Admin Users and their equipment (Office / School Admin / Headteacher PCs, laptops and printers).
EnhancedPlus is a combination of Core with additional Technical support for Admin Users and their equipment (Office / School Admin / Headteacher PCs, laptop and printers) but also including Curriculum Users and their equipment.


Core Support


Entitlement services

As part of your subscription with The ICT Service we carry out a number of tasks on your behalf to ensure you receive the highest possible standard of support. The services described below are either funded via a contract with Cambridgeshire County Council or as part of your subscription.

Supporting CPSN (Cambridgeshire Public Services Network). This is the broadband link from your school to ICT Service-hosted private cloud services such as Central Hosting, Central Email, Remote Access etc. It also provides the connection to E2BN, the NEN (National Education Network) and the Internet.
As part of the support for CPSN, Incident Management for key managed customer local area networking equipment (‘top switches’).
Safeguarding and E-Safety services such as email and basic web filtering.
Provision and support of an solution.
Access to online resources and guidance from The ICT Service.
Liaison with key CCC teams to produce best practice guidance on the use of MIS (Management Information Systems) including SIMS and FMS.
Regular ‘Helplines’ Newsletters and other direct email communications produced by The ICT Service, including the Fortnightly Briefing, Events and Training and Technical Services Information.
Access to customer service team for visits, management of complaints, and guidance for new headteachers.
Access to training and consultancy services at preferential rates.
As a member of the LSCB (Cambridgeshire Local Safeguarding Children’s Board), The ICT Service provides E-Safety advice and support for professionals working with young people in Cambridgeshire.

Essential support

Our service desk, The ICT Service Helpline, is the point of entry for any customer request whether it is about buying equipment or services, fixing devices, advising on use of ICT or training requests.
Please note that this service does not include any entitlement to an onsite visit to resolve incidents, which is a separately chargeable service.
All incidents and service requests are recorded and tracked through to resolution within our call logging system.
First Line Incident management for all office/administrative, staff and student PCs, laptops, tablets and smartphones and ICT peripherals (including curriculum printers and whiteboards etc.). Note that user-owned devices and hardware replacement costs are excluded from this service.
Access to application support specialists for Capita SIMS for:
  • full SIMS application support on all modules
  • access to easy-to-use guidance notes on all key processes including Census and year end (academic and financial).
  • access to the Helplines monthly newsletter
  • full support for key MIS initiatives such as CSA, Agora, SIMS Learning Gateway
  • support to an appropriate level for all other MIS applications, including all linked MIS (e.g. IEP writer, CASPA, Schoolcomms, COLLECT, etc.)
  • support for the ICT systems on which the MIS runs, including desktop operating systems and the Windows Server operating system in connection with the running of the SIMS database itself
  • entitlement to two free places at the Impulse Conferences and User Groups
  • remote support for monitoring, diagnosis and more in-depth support
  • database recovery in the event of data corruption (note that the school is responsible for ensuring there are adequate backup systems in place; some problems may require referring to Capita for data correction / patching).
For Academies: Additional option to subscribe to FMS support.
This includes access to application support specialists for Capita FMS for:
  • support for all operational use including Equipment Register, Budget Planning and Invoiced Income (Accounts Receivable)
  • 'Paperless Office' facilities, such as e-ordering and BACS
  • detailed support for all aspects of use of FMS, including specialist reporting required by Academies.
Liaison with key partners and suppliers such as Microsoft, Dell, Capita for escalation of incidents and problem resolution.
Access to staff with extensive experience of classroom teaching who can provide support, advice and resources to help you make the best use of ICT to deliver imaginative and informative learning environments.


Enhanced Support


In addition to the Core support as detailed previously you can choose Enhanced support

Second and third line incident/problem resolution for your office/school administration equipment – i.e.
school office and Headteacher PC/laptop and printers.
Includes onsite visits where remote incident resolution methods have proved ineffective.


EnhancedPlus Support


In addition to the Core support and Enhanced support as detailed previously you can choose EnhancedPlus support

EnhancedPlus Support is the equivalent of an annual ‘insurance policy’ which covers the majority of ICT related technical incidents that can occur throughout your school. This excludes telephone systems, except VOIP systems that come under separate contracts.
ICT environments are increasingly complex, requiring a wide range of technical qualifications and experience to manage and maintain them.
It is often difficult for schools to guarantee that they will have qualified technical staff on hand to provide technical support across this environment.
The ICT Service will respond to your call or email, prioritising the call according to the level of impact and urgency. We will use all means possible to resolve your incident and restore service quickly and efficiently.
Second and third line incident/problem resolution for your school-owned ICT equipment, such as:  
  • desktops
  • laptops
  • mobile devices
  • printers
  • scanners
  • projectors
  • interactive whiteboards
  • wireless
  • networking
Site visits as required when unable to resolve the incident remotely
All labour provided by The ICT Service is covered in this package
We will manage the whole incident process and act as liaison with any third parties that need to be involved with any repairs of school-owned ICT equipment. Hardware replacement costs are excluded from this service.


Annual Maintenance


Please note that the annual maintenance fees for the Capita SIMS products are collected by The ICT Service on your behalf and sent direct to Capita. These fees are charged in addition to your chosen Support Package and any further subscription

SIMS Annual Maintenance

Collected by The ICT Service and sent direct to Capita
See Price List – Base Price plus £price per pupil (x FTE, October Census)

SIMS Dinner Money Annual Maintenance

Collected by The ICT Service and sent direct to Capita
See Price List – Base Price plus £price per pupil (x FTE, October Census)

SIMS In Touch Annual Maintenance

Combining both SMS messaging and email to automatically and immediately engage all your stakeholders on a wide range of school issues, whether distributing newsletters to all contacts or managing truancy within one screen.
Collected by The ICT Service and sent direct to Capita
See Price List

Please note: All schools using AGORA and some schools using In Touch have contracts direct with Capita, who invoice the annual maintenance independently. In all cases, The ICT Service Helpline provides support for these products.


Contact us for the relevant Base Price plus Price per pupil for your type of school

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We invite our customers to use our online form to quickly let us know if you have a request or an incident to report.

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    Head, Abbots Ripton C of E Primary School

  • Emma always explains what you need to do very clearly and is extremely helpful - Thank you

    Sue Scott, Alderman Payne Primary School

  • I have been in this job over 10 years and find the team a comfort at times of stress over jobs that have gone wrong. They are a credit to the service.

    Rebecca Mack, Business Manager, The Fields CC

  • Always helpful to guide me through the troubled waters of the Post 16 Census! I don't know how I would manage without them.

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    Sue Bardell, LLDD Team, CCC

  • Everyone I deal with on the Helpline is helpful and patient especially understanding the pressures we're under. It's lovely to know we have an efficient team available when needed.

    Lynn Hilling, The Vine Primary School

  • I always find the technical team extremely helpful and knowledgeable and very patient with whatever question you ask!

    Emily Lewney, Bar Hill Community Primary School

  • Lorraine on The ICT Service Helpline was very patient and friendly and seemed genuinely pleased to be helping me.

    Sheena Marsh, Sawtry Infant School

  • The Helpline are always great when I ring and try to sort the problem there and then at all times if possible. Great service.

    Paula Beeby, Coates Primary School

  • I attended a truly fantastic course which has really opened my eyes to how I can use SIMS to support my data analysis.

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    Primary School Headteacher

  • The trainers was very happy to answer all questions so that we are able to use the system in the most effective way for our school

    Alison Rowbotham, The Weatheralls Primary School

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