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  • technicalCurrent Firewall and Network Issues

    You may be aware of some intermittent connectivity issues with the Internet connection shared by all Cambridgeshire schools since 12.00pm on Wednesday the 26 April 2017.

    28 April 2017

  • briefingsHow are you getting on with your film submissions?

    Online film submissions are now being accepted at – final deadline is Wednesday 31 May 2017.

    28 April 2017

  • briefingsAcademies - Remote Access Key Fob Annual Maintenance Charging Process

    The 2017-18 Signup Form for Academy schools will include the annual maintenance charge for active remote access key fobs. The charge applied to your school will be based on the number of active key fobs recorded on our system on Friday 12 May 2017.

    28 April 2017

  • briefingsE2BN Annual Conference - Tuesday 27 & Wednesday 28 June 2017

    Booking is now open for the E2BN Annual Conference and we are delighted, as ever, to be attending at Wyboston Lakes Executive Centre. The theme this year is 'The Digital School for a Digital World'.

    28 April 2017

  • briefingsChanges for Ofsted Logos for School Website Use

    Ofsted has launched a new logo for use by education and children's social care providers that have been rated as 'good'. These providers can now download and display an official 'Good provider' logo.

    28 April 2017

  • briefingsWe have a Vacancy on The ICT Service Helpline

    The ICT Service has a vacancy for an ICT Support Analyst to join our highly-regarded Helpline team.

    28 April 2017

  • briefingsSchool Summer Census - Validation Fileset 0602

    Validation Fileset 0602, which will enable schools to validate and authorise the Schools Summer Census, has now been released.

    28 April 2017

  • briefingsIMPULSE Conferences - Thursday 8 & Tuesday 13 June 2017

    The main headlines for the IMPULSE Conferences have now been announced, click the link to read more.

    28 April 2017

  • briefingsSummer Term 2017 Training!

    Download, Print and Display the Summer Term 2017 Course 'Pin Ups' for Head Teachers, Finance Officers and School Administrators

    28 April 2017

  • briefingsAdmin Forums - Booking Now 5 & 6 July 2017

    We are looking forward to seeing a good number of you at one of our forthcoming Admin Forums! Cakes and Strawberries & Cream on the Lawn included!

    28 April 2017

  • briefingsDowntime: Saturday & Sunday 13/14 May and 27/28 May 2017

    On Saturday/Sunday 13, 14, 27 & 28 May 2017 services from The ICT Service will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance requirements at the Data Centre.

    28 April 2017

  • technicalData Centre Power Upgrades - Weekend Downtime Required

    As a result of planned works by LGSS to upgrade the UPS at the Data Centre in Cambridge, there will be downtime occuring on the following weekends, on both Saturday and Sunday: 13 & 14 May 2017 and 27 & 28 May 2017.

    20 April 2017

  • helplinesLimited Helpline Availability – Thursday 20 April 2017, 12.15 - 2.45pm

    Please be advised that you can still contact the Helpline for important/urgent issues that may arise.

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesVacancy on The ICT Service Helpline

    The purpose of this post is to provide a high quality and responsive telephone support service for schools. We aim to provide advice, guidance and problem resolution with software (primarily the school SIMS system), computer equipment and communications systems in schools.

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesSIMS Spring Upgrade

    The Spring SIMS Upgrade has brought various changes to the Interventions, Course Manager, Exams Organiser, School Census and Discover modules, as well as updates to the AMPA folder.

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesAssessment Manager Updates

    The Spring SIMS upgrade brings in a large number of new assessment resources, from the End of Key Stage Wizards to new KS4 resources and Programmes of Study.

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesInterventions in SIMS

    The SIMS Spring Upgrade introduced the Interventions area to SIMS. This allows schools to record additional support for students, the cost of support, targets and outcomes.

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesImport latest Report Definitions

    Following the Spring SIMS Upgrade, please Import the latest Predefined Report Definitions 7.174 if this has not been done since the SIMS Spring upgrade.

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesSchool Summer Census - Validation Filesets 600 series

    Please note that the DfE did not supply a validation file in sufficient time for it to be included in the SIMS Spring upgrade.

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesImprove service - Log out of unused Central Hosting sessions

    Did you know that if you log out of Central Hosting when you are not using it, the service for others can be greatly improved?

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesAgora Schools: Staff Meal Payments Now Available

    Capita have announced that, following the Easter holidays, school employees will be able to view and top up their meal balance through Agora.

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesWorking Together on Free School Meal Eligibility

    The Education Welfare Benefits team (EWB) have been working to remove the need for parents to complete a separate application for Free School Meals (FSM).

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesImporting the ESPO Catalogue

    Download the Guidance Notes for importing the ESPO catalogue into FMS.

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesBook your place at an Admin Forum

    We have put together the agenda to include all of the normal end-of-year 'shenanigans' plus a number of carefully chosen topics that will be useful to you in the forthcoming Academic year. And you can also look forward to Strawberries & Cream!

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesDowntime: Saturday & Sunday 13/14 May and 27/28 May 2017

    On Saturday/Sunday 13, 14, 27 & 28 May 2017 services from The ICT Service will be unavailable due to scheduled maintenance requirements at the Data Centre.

    19 April 2017

  • helplinesSIMS Spring Release - 7.168

    The SIMS Spring upgrade was applied to Centrally Hosted schools during the scheduled downtime on Saturday 9 April 2016.

    27 April 2016

  • helplines Assessment Manager Updates with the Spring SIMS Upgrade

    The Spring SIMS upgrade brings in a large number of new assessment resources, from the End of Key Stage Wizards to new KS4 resources and Programmes of Study.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesSchool Summer Census – Thursday 19 May 2016

    Please don’t wait until Census day to import the Validation File and run a dummy Census.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesArrangements for the End of Key Stage Statutory Returns 2016

    This year’s End of Key Stage Wizards have been made available with the Spring SIMS upgrade.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesPhonics Tests for Year 2 Pupils

    Check the Assessment records of any Year 2 pupils who were not at your school for their Year 1 Phonics tests

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesAdmissions Forms

    An admission form format that schools may like to use to obtain data on pre-admission students is now available on the Portal.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesPRIDE Accounts

    All schools are required to submit a ‘Nil’ return at the end of each term, if they have not experienced any notifiable incidents.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesSchool Admin Reference Guide

    The ICT Service Helpline Team have produced a School Admin Reference Guide or, as we call it, a guide to Who, What, Why, When and Where.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesFMS Budget Input

    Do consider coming along to join a group of your peers away from school. You can use the opportunity to input your budget in peace and quiet.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesBarclays 3 Day Payments

    These workshops are designed for schools that want to make the move away from cheque payments.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesImpulse Conferences

    The conferences are a great CPD opportunity for Headteachers and Senior Leaders to hear about making use of all the data at your disposal, how to turn it into useful management information for school improvement, and to network with your peers.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesLevels and Next Year's Timetable

    Please make sure all courses that have been set up in Nova T6 are correctly linked to the course levels within Nova T6 before the first transfer of the timetable into SIMS.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesFMS Roadshow - Thursday 19 May at Hemingford Abbots

    A reminder that the date of the next FMS Roadshow is Thursday 19 May 2016, 1.30 – 3.30pm at Hemingford Abbots Village Hall.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesAGORA Special Offer

    Any school looking towards moving to an Online payments system, please note that Capita are currently offering a 10% discount.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesYear End in SIMS

    Notes to guide you through the Year End process in SIMS have been uploaded to the Portal.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesNew Look WebCat

    CCS (Cambridgeshire Catering Services) released a new version of WebCat to schools last week.

    27 April 2016

  • helplinesHelplines April 2016

    The e-Newsletter from The ICT Service Helpline for all Management Information System (MIS) Users

    27 April 2016

  • briefingsFortnightly Briefing 22 April 2016

    General news round-up from The ICT Service

    22 April 2016

  • newsAcademies - Remote Access Key Fob Annual Maintenance Charging Process

    The 2016-17 Online Signup Form for Academy Primary and Secondary schools will include the annual maintenance charge for active remote access key fobs.

    22 April 2016

  • newsCongratulations to Cromwell Academy and Monkfield Park Primary

    These schools have rolled out their new school websites, which were created with the help of The ICT Service.

    22 April 2016

  • newsGet the Most out of Purple Mash

    Are you making the most of your investment?

    22 April 2016

  • newseSchools NEW Mobile App

    eSchools have announced the release of a NEW eSchools mobile app.

    22 April 2016

  • technicalMaking the Best of Price Increases for Microsoft Products

    The ICT Service would welcome the opportunity to discuss your Microsoft licensing requirements and advise you on the most cost-effective model for your school.

    20 April 2016

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  • The course answered all my questions but went far beyond my expectations. Very good value for money. I also appreciate the handbook.

    Margaret Carpenter, Longsands Academy

  • Everyone I deal with on the Helpline is helpful and patient especially understanding the pressures we're under. It's lovely to know we have an efficient team available when needed.

    Lynn Hilling, The Vine Primary School

  • I found the whole session incredibly useful. You gave us lots of useful resources to take back to school and even more to think about.

    E-Safety Course

  • The trainers was very happy to answer all questions so that we are able to use the system in the most effective way for our school

    Alison Rowbotham, The Weatheralls Primary School

  • Really clear, easy to follow course with some great ideas.

    Sarah Dodsworth, Wisbech St Mary Primary School

  • We have used The ICT Service now for many years, and have the highest praise for all the departments we deal with (we couldn’t live without our ICT technician or the helpdesk!).

    Weatheralls Primary School

  • I attended a truly fantastic course which has really opened my eyes to how I can use SIMS to support my data analysis.

    Yasmin Trace, Hatton Park Primary School

  • Always helpful to guide me through the troubled waters of the Post 16 Census! I don't know how I would manage without them.

    Christine Bradshaw, St Ivo School

  • Very helpful, I like the way that The ICT Service can come on to the system remotely it saves so much time!

    Chris Cater, Cottenham Primary School

  • Emma always explains what you need to do very clearly and is extremely helpful - Thank you

    Sue Scott, Alderman Payne Primary School

  • Lorraine on The ICT Service Helpline was very patient and friendly and seemed genuinely pleased to be helping me.

    Sheena Marsh, Sawtry Infant School

  • Our Technician always goes the extra mile for us. He understands our school needs and limitations. He is considered to be one of our school team.

    Primary School Headteacher

  • I don't know what I would do without The ICT helpline. I have always found them to be friendly and supportive whenever I have called

    Primary School Secretary

  • ...really helplful during a very stressful time...

    Secondary School ICT Technician

  • The Helpline are always great when I ring and try to sort the problem there and then at all times if possible. Great service.

    Paula Beeby, Coates Primary School

  • I always find the technical team extremely helpful and knowledgeable and very patient with whatever question you ask!

    Emily Lewney, Bar Hill Community Primary School

  • All courses that I have attended are so helpful and are explained in terms that I can understand and I am not afraid to ask questions.

    Sarah Walker, Thorndown Primary School

  • I just wanted to let you know how happy we have been with a recent server installation at school. Great service and so prompt.

    Head, Abbots Ripton C of E Primary School

  • I have been in this job over 10 years and find the team a comfort at times of stress over jobs that have gone wrong. They are a credit to the service.

    Rebecca Mack, Business Manager, The Fields CC

  • I was given extremely clear and understandable instructions to help me find my way through difficulties.

    Sue Bardell, LLDD Team, CCC

  • Thank you. The e-safety session was one of the best uses of time that I have had for a long while.

    E-Safety Course

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